The Greatest Thing Ever Has Happened

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The mad geniuses, Sean Nittner and Travis Lindquist, ran a game of Agon with a webcam set up over the table so, in another room, a group of players playing the greek gods could observe them and influence the game.

Oh, also? The gods players were playing In A Wicked Age with each other at the same time.

You have to read the complete AP post. It's mind-boggling.

Sean, Travis... my hat is off, sirs.



Blogger Unknown says:  

And lo the Gods were Angry and did Smite their Wrath upon the Earth!

Blogger Jeff Russell says:  

That was. . . inspiring. Really awesome stuff, and I think the *perfect* choices for games.

I think I would have just made whichever god got the quest have an automatic best interest of "my hero completes his quest".

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