Sample Character: Esfyazza

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I got the revised art back from Jake! So cool. He modified the dress and still kept the great line that conveys her twirling movement. I couldn't be happier.

Here's a Stranger Things sample character PDF for Esfyazza.

I also got two amazing pieces from Ed Heil, which you will be seeing soon. C'mon... I can't give you all the goods at once, right? Gotta keep you comin' back for more.



Anonymous Anonymous says:  

Crap, rings on the wrong hand! Crap! My bad. Nice layout though, I like it.

Blogger John Harper says:  

Well, whaddya know... how about I just change the text? Much easier. :-)

Anonymous Anonymous says:  

bend to my will

Blogger Matt Wilson says:  

sweet! cool art, cool layout and cool will bending!

Anonymous Anonymous says:  

Dig it. Nice layout. Hand still bugs me a bit though.

Blogger Ed H says:  

RAWK. So this is gonna be a great game. Even the character sheet example is grabby as hell.

From a high level view, it's Trollbabe, but Troll=>Demon, Trollbabe=>Stranger? And intense urban fantasy instead of barbarian Celtic/Germanic era?

That sounds pretty intense.

Blogger John Harper says:  

You've got it right, Ed. Instead of "female power" the game plays up the "caught between two worlds" theme. It's two notches over on the scale of fantasy <------> horror, too.

It's also my bid for a clear "how to play this game" text. We'll see if I succeed.

Blogger kesher says:  


I just stumbled across this through Jake's post on the Connections forum; you've got my interest! I love Trollbabe, and crossing it with Lankhmar, well, that's genius!

The char sheet looks great, too. I love the fact that all you need to know is contained in the boxed prose!

How and when are you going to be publishing this?


Blogger John Harper says:  

Hello Aaron,

I plan to publish in early September. The game will be PDF only, like Trollbabe. Probably available from the Forge bookshelf, and possibly from RPGnow as well.

Blogger Unknown says:  

PDF only??

Damn you!


Blogger John Harper says:  

I have learned my lesson from hard, bitter experience, Eric. I will never again sink any amount of my own money into printing a game and then sitting on inventory that may or may not sell.

(Talislanta sold very well, actually, but due to an unethical asshole of a distributor, we never saw a dime of it. And I still don't want to have to deal with an inventory of books, regardless.)

If the PDFs sales generate enough revenue to make print books in the future, I may do it.

I'm also looking into POD services in the meantime, like Lulu and others.

Blogger Unknown says:  

Out of pestering curiosity, would you consider making a short print run if you had enough pre-purchases?

Blogger John Harper says:  


Anonymous Anonymous says:  

So is ring placement issue resolved? I need to know before cranking out a pic of this girl this weekend...

Adam (doesn't want a blogger account)

Blogger John Harper says:  

Yes. The ring should be on her right hand.

Blogger Matt Wilson says:  

Judging from the comments alone, you can guarantee about a dozen sales as soon as you put up a buy button.

Anonymous Anonymous says:  

Well, let's see...

You've got the basic Trollbabe mechanics, if I'm not mistaken. One of my favorite systems. Add in Hellboy and Lankhmar, and...and...

Oh, yeah, I'd buy a hard copy of this in a New York minute. Lacking a bound copy, I'll certainly buy the PDF.

Blogger John Harper says:  

Lulu is actually looking very attractive, if I can figure out a price point that makes sense. I think the likelihood of a print version has gone up from 0% to about 50% now.

Hopefully, Lulu will let me arrange a system where you can buy the PDF or buy the print version and get the PDF for free.

Anonymous Anonymous says:  

LULU is pretty awsome. I plan on using them to put out my comic.

hey, I'd buy a print version of this game too, by the way.

Blogger Bankuei says:  

Between the writing, layout, and artwork, it'd be a crime not to throw this on print. Check out some of the sales info that Clinton, Vincent, Paul, and Ralph have thrown up for their games- do a small print run, sell direct, and it WILL fly.

Try a small run, like what Ben's doing with Polaris at first, and then see what you feel.

Besides, I need physical eye candy to tempt the Broken Wheel gamers I know into trying something functional- it's easier to play on the monkey-greed of pretty books than to waste my breath talking to them.

Blogger Shreyas says:  

Uh, yeah, please do a print version. PDF-only games are much less...something.

Notably, dead tree editions are a lot more portable.

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