GenCon 2007

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I have returned from the Land of Death and Gaming. And lo, it was good.

I have much to tell you. Too much, really. I'll start by giving you an overview of each day of the con. There is far, far too much to go into detail at this point. Instead, I'll give you a comparative experience so you can get an idea of what the day was like for me.

Day One (Wed): A brutally fast and tall roller coaster ride. And I love roller coasters.

Day Two (Thurs): A warm and welcome family reunion.

Day Three (Friday): A much needed and sweaty session of training at the dojo.


Day Five (Sunday): The last day of summer camp you wish would never end.

I will tell you more soon.

Extra special love and friendship to my extended family: Matt W., Matt S., Vincent, Emily, Julia, Rich, Ben, Paul, Fred, Rob, Lenny, Ron, Andy, Judd, Jonathan, Alexander, Ron, Jason, Seth, Paul, Danielle, Daniel, Gregor, Malcolm, Willow and James. You all make my life better.


Anonymous Anonymous says:  

Right back atcha, John.

Blogger John Harper says:  

We did not get enough chat time, Judd! I am a little sad about that.

Blogger Jonathan Walton says:  

Judd and I were just talking about the Harper-shaped holes in our respective GenCons. I got a little bit with the Wicked Age game, but not nearly enough to feed my Harper addiction!

Blogger Parthenia says:  

I was so happy I got to meet you, John, and get to play not one, but two really awesome games with you!

Blogger John Harper says:  

The feeling is mutual, Jonathan. Um, but with differently shaped holes. :)

You too, Julia! Those games were definitely the highlight of the con for me.

Blogger Seth Ben-Ezra says:  

It was great to be able to meet you, John, and share the memory of your amazing leap from the Moon.

Blogger John Harper says:  

It was a pleasure, Seth!

Your game is awesome. Thanks for demoing for me -- and then handing me a copy to purchase :)

Blogger Unknown says:  

I'm late to the love fest, but man it was good to see you.

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