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Monday, May 28, 2007

Fred Hicks said something awesome over on Story Games, in a thread about a SotC scene involving a time-distortion device strapped to the front of a zeppelin. The question was how to make dealing with the device more interesting than a simple roll. Here's his response:
You could always give [the device] a stress track (you have to do "engineering attacks" to take it out) and have each consequence the players inflict on the device become a new scene aspect that, I dunno, throws weird time distortion effects into the zeppelin.

*bzzrap!* Suddenly the monkey minions have ray-guns from the future! *bzzzrap!* Now the Zeppelin is slowing down, but jumping around in time -- is that a dinosaur I just saw fly past the window? *bzzzzrapp!* Sparks flying everywhere! There's two of everyone! Crap, I need to fend off my mirror-mirror evil double! Someone take out the device quick!
This is gold. I'm posting it here mainly for my own future reference.

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Blogger Unknown says:  

Cool! I totally missed that thread. We need a time-hopping zeppelin in our game tonight!

Blogger Unknown says:  

Thanks for the reference. You're right. It's pure gold.

BTW, can I ask you why your blog has no feed?

Blogger John Harper says:  

Hi René,

The feed is here:

Blogger John Harper says:  

Full disclosure:

Not only is this idea of Fred's awesome, it is the basis for my current game project.

Thanks, Fred!

Blogger Matthew says:  

Hi John,

I really enjoyed your implementation of this in your Danger Patrol game last weekend. Great fun!

"Enchantra's going for The Core Hole!!!" - Dr. Nemo

Blogger John Harper says:  

Thanks, Matt! It was a blast playing with you.

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