SotC Hack #1: Zero-shift hits inflict stress

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Time for Spirit of the Century hacking!

First up, we'll deal with getting zero shifts when you attack. In a normal contest roll in SotC, you only need to match your difficulty level (i.e. get zero shifts) to succeed. In combat, however, just matching the difficulty does nothing. The stress you do equals your shifts, so zero shifts = zero stress.

I don't like this.

So, here's an easy fix. Just add a "zero box" to the stress track, like so:

Now, when you do zero shifts exactly, you mark the '0' box, just like you would mark the '1' box if you got 1 shift. If you get zero again, the damage rolls up, as normal.

You can flavor this to taste. If you think a zero shift attack is worth less than a 1 shift attack in terms of damage, add several '0' boxes to the track. Like this:

This way, damage will only start to matter after several zero shift hits.

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Blogger Matt Wilson says:  

Cool. Reminds me of the customizable injury tracks in the original FATE rules.

Blogger Fred says:  

When you get crunchier with Fate, you can start looking at 0-stress hits as "making contact", and thus a foundation for bringing damage bonuses, touch effects, etc, to bear.

Another interesting thought is to make it up in the air whether folks decide that they're doing a maneuver or an attack until AFTER the blow has landed. 0 stress? Sounds like a successful maneuver to me!

Blogger John Harper says:  

I like the after-the-fact maneuver, Fred. That works for me, too.

Blogger charles says:  

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