Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Jeff Russell has made a very cool of hack of Agon for running sagas in the Norse tradition. It includes some really nice character and reference sheets, too. Check it out!


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Blogger Jeff Russell says:  

Hey, thanks for the link and saying the nice things! I was all set to tweak and change a bunch of stuff, but as I went through the rules I realized it really didn't need it. The toughest part was coming up with 12 gods and assigning them the right favored abilities

Blogger Chris Bennett says:  

Damn, this looks good! I often read through Norse myths and wonder "how the hell do I game THIS?"

Thanks Jeff! (and to John for posting it)

Blogger Jeff Russell says:  

Chris, it was my pleasure to put it together. I'm trying to learn the ropes in Illustrator, and this was something I had already been wanting to do (pretty much from the first time I read the rules a few months back).

I'm glad it looks good, I was playing it by ear and cribbing pretty hard off of the original. I'm not sure how the only real rules change (the ship to ship battle stuff suggested) will work, I haven't had a chance to playtest them, but I thought a game about vikings had to have *something* about boats in it. If you get a chance to play I'd love to hear any feedback on that.

Blogger Gregor Vuga says:  

Nice work.

I'd just like to mention that there is another viking Agon hack floating out there on the interwebs, called Fang. As far as I remember it's not as pretty and doesn't do anything else except rename javelins to axes and greaves to bracers.

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