Ed Heil enters the fray...

Friday, August 05, 2005

Here are two amazing illustrations from the talented Ed Heil:

Sometimes humans and demons get along...

... And sometimes they don't.

I get to work with the coolest people. :-)



Blogger Unknown says:  

Zoomy stuff!

Anonymous Anonymous says:  

Holy cow! Great stuff! I love the look of the gun in the second pic.

Anonymous Anonymous says:  

Awsome stuff

Blogger kesher says:  

Oooo, Trollbabe, Lankhmar AND guns...

better and better.

I guess this is connected to the earlier thread, but I'd vote for pod publishing...


Blogger Ed H says:  

Thanks guys! The gun is supposed to be a flintlock pistol with the wide open muzzle of a blunderbuss.

Turns out such things actually existed --


-- but at the time I drew it I thought I was just making up a chimerical pseudo-gun.

BTW, my 4 year old daughter LOVED the fight picture. :)

Anonymous Anonymous says:  

More rockin' artwork from Ed! I saw both of these earlier, but didn't see the fight picture finished. Ed Rocks.


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