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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

A temporary website for the game is online now:

There's a sample PDF of the game there, along with the wallpapers. Yes, the links page is blank. I'll get around to it eventually.

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Blogger Shreyas says:  

This is beautifully laid out. Sold.

Blogger kesher says:  

I agree with Shreyas; you knows yer design! Looks great.

Y'know, the AP playtest thread mentioned something about "map tiles"; what's up with that?


Blogger kesher says:  

Okay, now I see what the map tiles are; that's a fucking stroke of genius, that is. It's an "endless city", so, endless (atmospheric) expansion.

Plus, you just solved a problem for me in the game I've been working on...


Anonymous Matthijs Holter says:  

Byooootiful site. It looks like Tim Burton does V:tM.

In the sample PDF, "Vozhu Lor" is spelled in two different ways.

Anonymous jake richmond says:  

looking good, man

Blogger Clinton R. Nixon says:  

It's a beautiful site - although as a usability nut, I hate each page being an image. Think about the blind, man. Blind people use the web, too.

And the Unix zealot-weirdos using Lynx. (Like me at work web-surfing. This is my way of looking really busy and reading the Forge.) What about the Unix weirdo-zealot-slackers?

Blogger Matt Wilson says:  

Damn you and your coolness!

Clearly I need to add a synth keyboard to my wishlist, because I have a terrible urge to write the soundtrack for this game.

Anonymous joshua m. neff says:  

I'm completely and totally sold on this. I have this thing for evocative names (like Carnival of Dark Delights and Keep of the Red Wizard). And that picture of Vozhu Lor is killer!

Blogger John Harper says:  

Thanks, folks. Glad you like the site.

And Clinton: Yes! I totally agree. That's why the site is temporary. An image-based slideshow site was all I had time for right now. But the final site will be all CSS text-to-speech friendly web-standards-compliant goodness.

Matt: Soundtrack is a go.

Blogger Clinton R. Nixon says:  

Dude, if you want a soundtrack, it might have to be a compilation. Because, you know, your biggest fan over here plays a thing or two.

(I could rock an entire Stranger Things track on my Kazooka.

Blogger John Harper says:  

Clinton, your folk-punk-uke-kazoo soundrtack is so completely opposite of what I imagine an ST soundtrack to be, it must certainly be the most awesome soundtrack possible.

Blogger Ed says:  

Kazooka sounds so cool... and so perfect for ST. Damn, Clinton. What the fuck. I'm not trying to become the first Clinton R. Nixon Fanbody but you are plugged into a vein of cool shit somehow, and I enjoy the results.

Blogger Clinton R. Nixon says:  

Not to get too off-topic, but:

I'm not trying to become the first Clinton R. Nixon Fanbody...

You are way too late. You're like at the back of the line. I gots fans doing kickstands in the back of the van.

Back to your previous entertainment, Stranger Things:

Seriously, John, with a pedal or two and maybe some digital work afterwards, the Kazooka could make a complete Stranger Things track. That's why I linked to the site - check out their music samples. I can make it sound like the Synth of Dark City Streets and Anguish pretty easily.

Blogger John Harper says:  

Okay, I was SO WRONG. Kazooka is the shit, man. That's the stuff right there. Add a cello and ullian pipe and you got yourself a soundtrack.

Blogger Matt Wilson says:  

Not to take this thread even further off topic, but if you want your Kazooka to sound like that, you're gonna need some additional equipment. It's the effects processor it's being channeled through that's making those sounds happen. Any instrument will sound like that if it's run through, say, an Alesis Midiverb with the right settings. I can fart and make it sound cool with one of those.

Anonymous Anonymous says:  

Damn, you make some purty webpages, dude. I think your links page should have my site linked from it. :)


Blogger John Harper says:  

Yes, all the artists will be linked to hell and back. Soon.

Anonymous jake richmond says:  

I guess that means I need to get my site back up

Blogger Kuma says:  

A question about Stranger Things:

How much of Trollbabe am I going to need to read in order to play? I realize the central mechanics are pretty simple, but I'm far more interested in Stranger Things than playing a 'trollbabe'. Am I going to have to shell out for Trollbabe in order to play ST?

Blogger John Harper says:  

Kuma: ST is a stand-alone game. You don't need the Trollbabe book to play it. You don't need to have played any RPG before, in fact. The ST text assumes you know nothing about gaming.

Blogger Kuma says:  

John: Sold.

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