Ghost Lines: Mini-game AW hack thing

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hey there. This is what I'm designing/running right now. It's a 3-page micro-hack based on Apocalypse World, Dishonored, and Ghostbusters.

Our World of Dungeons world got destroyed in a supernatural cataclysm, so we decided to move the timeline forward 1,000 years and play a new game. This is the result.

It might be playable by people who aren't us, who knows? I figure some of you will probably want to give it a whirl. I'm happy to answer questions.

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Blogger David Bapst says:  

Scars and Horrors must be filled in clockwise, but can players initially start filling in the dials anywhere they want?

What is the difference between clearing and silencing a ghost? What sort of actions have been necessary to silence a ghost?

Blogger 김유근 says:

Hello. This is that person who was tinkering with Ghost/Echo. This is a rough draft so far, if you want to take a look at it :D

Blogger Zack Wolf says:  

Oh snap! Very inspiring!

Blogger John Harper says:  

David: Yep. And yeah, good questions! :)

김유근: ZeroOne looks cool!

Blogger TheLoneAmigo says:  

Groovy. I like the tightly-focused advancement system... imagine a DW version: "Slay a dragon", "Plumb 3 dungeons", etc.

Blogger John Powell says:  

"David: Yep. And yeah, good questions! :)"

Bastard. ;^)

Anonymous Josh W says:  

That steel move is pretty interesting, although if you're rolling at -1 or worse, it's actually in your interests to pick the worst option as not the worst option.

In other words, the "missing" option actually gives you more selective control than the 7-9, so if you're likely to get it, you probably want to pick the most innoccuous fate.

Could you double up the consequences on a miss? So the GM chooses and you get the one you didn't want?

Blogger John Harper says:  

Hi Josh! Yeah, the Steel move has that problem. A few playtesters have pointed that out, and I'm writing a tweaked version of the move. Thanks for the feedback!

Anonymous Boris Karloff says:  

How difficult would it be to play if you've never played 'Apocalypse World'?

Blogger Angel Rachel says:  

Blogger TRI7BET says:  

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