The Regiment: Colonial Marines 2.5

Saturday, February 09, 2013

The version 2.5 playtest kit for The Regiment: Colonial Marines is ready.


A slightly simpler game: I reduced the overall number of moves as well as removing some exceptional cases so it’s easier to remember and apply rules.

Fictional results for stress and wounds: In previous versions, it was easy to gloss over the effects of stress and wounds, falling back on shorthand: “Take 2 wounds.” I wanted each box of damage to have a specific effect to cue a result in the fiction.

More difficult choices: Tough choices are always fun. I revised the old push yourself move into something more interesting (I hope): Keep it together. The engagement move now accounts for details of the specific situation, including morale elements, so choices of fictional positioning have a bigger impact when making that move.


New volume of fire table: There are now 5 VOFs: Incidental, Scattered, Direct, Focused, and Concentrated.

New stress system: Each time you take stress, you choose how your solider will react to it: Flight, Fight, or Shock.

New wounds system: Wounds have locations now, and critical wounds take you out of action. There’s a critical move that determines how badly you’re injured, so there’s more uncertainty (you can’t count on a 2d pistol to not kill you).

New and revised moves: Assault now includes covering fire. Push yourself has been revised into keep it together. Help has been revised into aid. Hit the deck no longer requires a roll. New critical move. Rally is now a Sergeant move.

New and revised playbook moves: Changes to each playbook! Give them a close look. Also check out when you mark xp (upper right corner of playbooks).

Thanks for checking it out! If you give it a try, let me know here, on G+, or at the Regiment forum. As always, I'm happy to answer questions.

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Blogger John Powell says:  

Who have the Synthetics been writing home to in your play tests? The Tyrell Corporation? ;^)

Blogger Gabor Chodkowski-Gyurics says:  

Hey John, Vincent apparently cannot be arsed to confirm my forum registration, so I'll write my questions and opinions here:

1) For all the streamlining, isn't LUCKY left in as a dead stat? Especially without choosing stat blocks, when it will always be set to 0 and never improved?

2) I dislike merging assault and covering fire. It should work mechanically and lowers the move count, but it's in serious need of renaming. The fictional trigger makes no sense for fire element left behind, and if handwaved leaves no need to actually assault, since you can flush enemies from your cozy fire base, no problem.

3) I love the new keep it together move and stress system. They're just great.

4) The new wound system, not so much. Similarly to fuseboy on the forums, I thought the VOF system strength was that it was so hands-off, a general threat level was set, which the players could manage and deal with consequences - no talk of GM being asshole-ish or taking it easy. Yes, you can roll dice or whatever, but still it adds rolling dice (also for critical move), tracking boxes and needlessly expanding the VOF table. I think it's simply too much for the extra flavor it grants. Perhaps the could be to simply use a AW-style +wound when hurt, that could give stress or pin on hit, cripple a limb or whatever on a 10+ and go critical at 12+?

Blogger John Harper says:  

Thanks for the feedback! You make good points. I'm meeting with Paul tomorrow night to discuss this stuff and we'll consider your comments. I think you're right. :)

Blogger Gabor Chodkowski-Gyurics says:  


I'd appreciate if the next release would be of vanilla Regiment, I'll probably get a game going soon and it'd be a slight pain in the ass to update the playbooks manually. ;)

Anonymous Renato Salzano says:  


A simple and fast question: I'm traslating the playsheet in Italian, it's ok with you John? Can I publish it online after translating it?

Blogger John Harper says:  

Sure, that's fine. Be advised: it's an older version of the game (I'm a couple drafts away from this one now).

Anonymous Renato Salzano says:  

Thank you, John.

I will keep it updated with the last public playtest version, of course :)

Blogger Anthony Pendleton says:  


Tried posting this on the Regiment forums but the account confirmation emails are never sent (when creating a forum account), figure I'd just throw this out here. I've combined the 2.5 changes from Colonial Marines with the WWII content, all into a single PDF document. Works so well for us that I thought I'd share it with you and the rest of The Regiment community. Let me know the best way of shooting it over to you for a quick pass review and you can feel free to post it anywhere you like (or not, heh).

Awesome game by the way, very cool. Keep up the good work, looking forward to the next iterations.


Blogger John Harper says:  

Cool, Anthony! Can you post it up on Dropbox or something? If not, just email me. I'm oneseven on the google mai.

Blogger Ronac says:  

From what I read, I love the game. Although I haven't tried it yet, nor the regiment.

Since I haven't tried it yet I am not sure but I feel it's extremly bloody. I am not sure if this suggestions are valid, but here they go anyway.

Colonial marine armor: Reduces one critical wound to wound, one wound to stress.

I also feel that body should have more hit boxes (abdomen and torso, or even 3).

And one question, who and how assigns damage to hit locations.

Blogger Aaron says:  

Hey John, any news on this? How are things going?

Blogger John Harper says:  

Paul and I are working on a brand-new version of the Regiment. This Colonial Marines version (2.5) was kind of a dead-end in our design process, but we both like it, so I'm gonna produce a final, complete, free PDF (set in my XCOM/Stalker setting) so people can keep playing it.

Blogger José Luis Rodríguez says:  

Hello there!

This is a stand-alone game, or I need the Apocalypse World core to enjoy it?

Thank you for your games and your work!

Blogger John Harper says:  

You'll need familiarity with AW to play it. Also, it's not a complete game! just a playtest draft.

Blogger Lauri Maijala says:  

Any progress on XCOMish version? I just thought it today and I think it would work out fine (and it would be a blast if I didn't need to write the whole hack).

Blogger Vinicius Lessa says:  

I'm playing the new Xcom 2 on the PC and every time I take a break from it the first thing that comes to mind is "where da hack is John harper's "The Regiment: XCom" ?.

Blogger Siketić Karlo says:  

I'm so sad to see this project die, however thank you for releasing it as is. I will make my own version of Regiment with what is available. Is it alright with you if I make it publicly available?

Blogger John Harper says:  

If you want to make a fan hack, that's fine. But Paul Riddle is still working on The Regiment and plans to release it as a product in the future.

Blogger John Harper says:  

So it would be awkward (at best) if you used The Regiment name for whatever you're doing. I recommend doing your own original thing instead.

Blogger Siketić Karlo says:  

Oh, that's great news (well, it's news to me at least)!

I'm just planing to update the WW2 version to the 2.5 standards, without certain changes I'm not too in love with.

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