Ghost Lines: 3rd Age Rail Map

Friday, January 25, 2013

Here's the map we're using in our game.

You might want to make your own, but if not, click on the preview for a printable hi-res version.

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Blogger Argent says:  

Absolutely beautiful (as is the case, honestly, of all your stuff but especially Ghostlines). May I ask what tools you used to make it? Currently writing a game myself, so I've started to develop a curiosity for these things...

Blogger John Harper says:  

The islands, rails, and text were done in Illustrator. Then brought it into Photoshop for the paper texture.

Blogger Goblin Lord says:  

I think I know what I am going to play this weekend with my friends. :D My friends were complaining about the rules I am making cuz they played at least 7 times by now.

By the way I created another hack of Ghost/Echo. Kinda same as ZeroOne but it seems too... similar on setting wise, and hard for GM since he or she had to create entire world (server). So I made new hacks - with the good and old fantasy setting.

Blogger John Harper says:  

Oh, wow, that's cool! I love the setup for UnZombify.

Anonymous Anonymous says:  

Do you consider the Icons mechanism from the 13th Age rpg with one Icon per Electro-rail? This tool is fairly simple to integrate and could give substance to the 12 rail lines. Their relationship with people of each line could be handled in this way?

Blogger Oldy says:  

Ok, I know, threadromancy - but I've only just discovered this game.

One question: what is the significance of the red rail lines over the black? Concentrations of Ghosts?

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