Ghost Lines v 1.5

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Just updated the Ghost Lines PDF to version 1.5. It's 4 pages now. The fourth page is:
- Rumors table
- Patrons table
- City Events table
- Ghost qualities
- NPC features

Also made a few minor text tweaks here and there.

EDIT: Also updated the InDesign file package.

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Blogger Quim says:  

Ghost Lines Catalan translation done. You can find it here:

Thank Mr. John Harper both for your work and sharing it!

Anonymous Miguel Gonzalez says:  

Hi! This post is kind of old but I wanted to tell you that I've made a Spanish translation of Ghost Lines with the map included.

I also wanted to say that I find your game to very interesting, thanks!!

You can find the .rar with both the map and the manual in this dropbox link:

Blogger Douglas Santana says:  

Hi there,
I am translating it to Portuguese. Great work!

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Blogger SHOPnROAR says:  

Blogger ChoiceGenie says:  

Blogger SHOPnROAR says:  

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